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When we are born into this world, we possess tremendous abilities to “learn”.
the learning curve of life
(National Education Association Statistics)

During the period of time from birth till about age 5, we learn at an incredible rate (i.e., Children taught 2 or 3 languages during this time do not develop an accent.). We see the world around us as a whole, then break it down into its component parts.

 At about age 5, when we start school, we are taught the exact opposite way from how we were already efficiently learning — the Rote-Memory System. The Purpose: for dealing with a written language and in preparation of conscious level testing of knowledge gained. Observation: This starts as we learn the alphabet, one character at a time. Then, it proceeds to words, sentences, paragraphs, stories, etc., to build our world from the pieces. This creates TUNNEL VISION and is in direct conflict with the natural way of learning we are born with. The results are reflected in the above graph. From this point on, learning drops the rest of our lives.
SOLUTION: By using Mental Photography, a person can tap into the natural way we learned as children and apply it to the written word at 25,000+ wpm and 100 times the impact of reading.
Accelerated Whole-Brain Learning with Mental Photography allows a person to install a full language upon their subconscious, similar to a template over their primary language. Even such difficult translations, such as English (based on a logical, linear, Arabic language) and Japanese (based on esoteric pictures and symbols) become much simpler to accomplish.
“Welcome to Tomorrow!”