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I passed all of my subjects thanks to you and Subliminal Dynamics — it was an amazing experience to go to an exam and not feel nervous at all.
All my best to you.
                                            Glen S. (QLD)
(University Student – 3 days after completing the training)

“Well, almost three months down the track and my life has taken a 360 degree turn, and just keeps turnin’ and turnin’…
I am constantly in a state of bliss…
And my memory…wow…I really thought I had lost it…a constant source of wonder to me.
I’m a bit naughty and I don’t try to trigger, but I know it’s happening…it’s just kinda different than the conscious mind would expect. Like knowing things I didn’t think I knew…remembering things I thought were gone forever…having amazing insights into many different concepts…and on and on and on!!
I hardly need any sleep at all…which is just as well…as I am soooooo busy.
And things just seem to pop up in the most unexpected places…like everything I need to know in the present moment is just there…and that’s just in my ‘aware’ moments…so I guess there is a lot I am missing as well when I am not so aware!
And so many creative things happening….
Just too many amazing things to go into here, but I am sure you know what I mean.
Once again, i am eternally grateful to you guys, and I eagerly await your visit in February for the refresher course.
In lots of love and gratitude.”
                                            Christine O.

“Being the only person in my country town to have done the course I have no one to compare notes with so to speak and I had been making part of my meditation to ask for confirmation that the Subdyn course and exercise were ‘really’ doing something. (Not to doubt because I do the meditations/relaxes every night and day.)
This would seem to be a very convincing answer…
Woke from a very vivid dream. So wild and imaginative. I was ‘in’ the dream my husband too. I told him the long and detailed story/plot. That night we settled into a movie on the TV. (Which we rarely make time to do.) Amazingly the dream I had had that morning was piece for piece the ‘plot’ of the movie we were watching together. So many details from my dream were confirmed. Colours of clothing. Vehicle shapes and sizes. Characters and their personalities. Emotions and feelings. I had ‘experienced’ the movie before I had ever seen it. WOW!
Oh by the way – we had not planned to watch any particular show – we had been busy and decided to take some time out to just do something ‘ordinary’ – and this was the show that presented.”

“I went to the course. I was astounded by the claims made, and subsequently by the abilities I now have and which are accelerating daily. It is easy, and get this… ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!!!!! “
Anyone looking for a band-aid quick-fix is in for a shock though. You have to be prepared to put in a little work. There is a system of very short procedures to follow if you want to gain the benefits, but all you have to do is ‘Just Do It’.
The first and most important thing is to accept that where you are right now, ‘disbelieving’, and looking for support in your decision, it’s exactly the right place for you to be. It is where we all were. I hope I can help you decide.
It’s a leap of faith to attend the course, but one which I will be forever grateful I took. During the course you will read books without looking at them, they will be out of focus, upside down, and you will not be wearing any spectacles or using reading aids. They are books you will never have read, and following that you will take comprehension tests which you will excel in. This is the truth.
On the first book, photographed by me at a speed of 25000 wpm, I finished photographing and was convinced that I was useless, obviously not ‘getting’ whatever it was I should have been getting. I heavy-heartedly took the test of 50 questions, all through the test feeling a total shmuck, but I did what I was told to do by Richard & Donna Welch, and answered with my gut feelings, (trust your instincts), a mixture of True/False, Multi-Choice, and ‘fill in the blanks’ questions. These questions have been tested to see what the ‘guess the answer’ score would have been. That score with guessing should have been around 26%.
My score? ………………………..82%. I was so badly ‘physically’ shaken by that result that I rejected the fact I had done it, you see on a conscious level I knew nothing about the book. My sub-conscious has it all.
Different book, second test, 52,000 words per minute,….90%. Whoops, bang goes the fluke theory!
Now? Well now I go to the library all the time and photograph whole shelves of books.
By the way, when you do that, expect some strange looks from people who hang around you pretending not to look at what you are doing, and whispering about the fruit-cake who flicks pages of upside down books one after the other. It’s not distracting, it actually helps me to relax and concentrate.
My brain is so active I can feel it physically working all day. I hardly need sleep but take as many opportunities to relax as possible, even while walking, in meetings, eating, anytime I can I relax into the program, I do. It’s so exhilarating.
I scan a close print Oxford Dictionary at 135,000 wpm, (it’s a ‘big’ book!). Yesterday I photographed 10 Psychology texts dealing with the area of subconscious and dream programming. I couldn’t stop thinking about Hypnosis, dreams and Psychology all day, still can’t. Today I am going to the library at James Cook in Cairns to follow up on an idea I have for making an indecent amount of money. While I am there I will also slip in half an hour of study for an assignment I have which is due for Charles Sturt Uni. My Uni studies have become minor in comparison to my capabilities which are limitless.
The information I have at present is not YET like a sparkling Hollywood type movie production in my mind, (which is of course what it WILL BE), rather, when I think of a problem or information connected with something I have photographed, I know the answer.
For a bit of fun I photographed one of my son’s books yesterday. Took me about three minutes or so. Since then I get flashes of the book through my mind like I am in it. Last night on the settee with my wife I groaned loudly. She asked me what was wrong. I laughed as I tried to explain that I had just been in the cockpit of a British Air Force first world war fighter Bi-Plane. I was in the front (gunners Seat). I could smell the fumes and feel the rush of air and my stomach cramped as we broke out from clouds directly under the belly of a blue and white checked german Bi-Plane. We almost hit it. The feeling was like that experienced on a big dipper. I know you probably are thinking I am
crazy. That’s okay.
I checked in the book this morning for that part of the story. Sure enough, there it is. A young pilot disobeying orders and following three german planes alone, shot one down. The book was Biggles, I have never read it prior to photographing it yesterday.
Talking of assignments, a lady off the Sydney course handed in a junior Uni assignment and the Tutors called her in. They couldn’t grade it. Her answer was so abstract and in depth that they had no idea how to grade it. It was too far advanced. Pretty freaky stuff for you Mo? Not to me.
I could write all day to you about what is happening in my life, my family, my friends, work, money, perception, and my future, but the bottom line is this. Do not listen to those who would pull you down. This is the future. Get on board. If you have kids, you owe it to them. Listen to the subconscious which is trying to get a message through to you.
There is another course series next February & March. Gold Coast & Cairns I believe. Contact Richard & Donna, they will surely reply.
I will be there, and so will my wife Kath, who is a Dentist. Look forward to seeing you down the track.
By the way. I do not work for subliminal dynamics.”