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INFORMING THE PUBLIC (Amendment I of the United States Constitution.)

ALERT: Photoreading, Photoread, Photo-read a.k.a. Learning Strategies a.k.a. Paul Scheele – WARNING


Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management® does not recognize any affiliation with Photoreading or Learning Strategies. Photoreading is a trademark of Learning Strategies and is not to be compared to the original and only true Mental Photography® process developed by Richard L. Welch, CEO and Founder of Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management.


Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management® does not recognize any affiliation in any way with PhotoReading or Learning Strategies. Any use of our Registered Trademark “Mental Photography® by PhotoReading or Learning Strategies is a trademark infringement under 15 USC sec. 114, as it is likely to cause confusion among consumers and create the false impression of affiliation with Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management.

Subliminal Dynamics, Dynamic Brain Management, Brain Management, Subliminal Photography, Mental Photography, Directed Imagination Brings Desired Reality, and Welcome to Tomorrow are Registered Trademarks of Educom, Inc. Any use of these trademarks or deceptively similar marks outside of the operations of Educom, Inc. d.b.a. Subliminal Dynamics and Brain Management, is strictly prohibited by law.

PhotoReading” is a registered trademark owned by Learning Strategies Corporation.

Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies invented the term “PhotoReading” after attending a Subliminal Dynamics Course in October 1985. In the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course he attended as a student, one of the subjects covered was Subliminal Photography / Mental Photography. This technique, along with other techniques, have been taught by Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management since 1975.

Three months after Paul Scheele attended the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course in October 1985, he started a company called PhotoReading, apparently based in part on what he learned in the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course, even though he was never involved with the research and development of Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management or Subliminal Photography / Mental Photography.

View Paul Scheele’s evaluation for the October 1985 course.

Here is an endorsement from one of our many satisfied Subliminal Dynamics clients:

“This is a different league to the PhotoReading course. It is a different type of education and is MOST impressive. I am still going a bit through a “disbelief” barrier because of my experience with PhotoReading, but overall I am fully on track. You give the whole thing to make the mind work properly! I am very impressed indeed! — Archie M.”

This is a letter from a former “PhotoReading” student regarding a refund request to Peter Bissonette, the current President of Learning Strategies / PhotoReading. Paul Scheele is now acting as CEO. This letter represents the large number of people that are concerned about the quality and integrity of PhotoReading and what they teach:

“Most of the class time was spent on standard speed reading techniques, such as preview, skimming, review (they use other terms to describe it). The ‘Photo’ part is, as best I could tell, more a gimmick than a real technique. After doing the ‘Photo’ process you still have to go back and apply standard reading and/or speed reading techniques to ‘activate’ the information. Without the ‘activation’ step they assert that your subconscious’ knows the information but you don’t have conscious access to it.

The brochure I have from them says “…mentally photograph the printed page at rates exceeding a page per minute…” but the class teaches, in effect, that’s an undeveloped photograph and if you want to know what was in the picture you have to go back and use other techniques — skimming if you want a general idea of the material, and maybe old-fashioned reading and study if you want detailed understanding. Our instructor wasn’t able to demonstrate anything better than this.

In discussing my refund with Peter Bissonette, president of Learning Strategies Inc. which developed Photo Reading, he admitted to me that’s about how it is — but he still asserted that on the whole it’s a more effective reading method than anything else out there. Maybe so, but the spread between promise versus delivery was too great for me.

It DOES teach some useful (standard) speed reading/learning techniques. But if you really want to read 12,000 WPM, then question them very carefully on just what they mean by that claim versus what you’re expecting.

(From: Fred F.)

Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management recommendation: If you want to learn “speed-reading”, you can select any number of books that you can use to teach yourself at much less cost than attending PhotoReading.

Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management is the ONLY company that teaches the Subliminal Photography / Mental Photography properly. We pioneered it over 25 years ago, and have taught it successfully ever since.


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