U.S.A. SEMINARS 2019/20

Below are a list of seminars in the U.S.A. To book your spot in a seminar, simply click your preferred date, and complete the form. For further information, please email For locations not listed here, please email

All Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management and Mental Photography Seminar is held on Saturday and Sunday in the USA.  For additional information please contact Donna Welch at

LAKELAND, FLORIDA (ORLANDO AREA) Taught in English. (Spanish only classes are available.)

All Class times: 10AM to 2PM and 6PM to 10PM


July 27 – 28

Aug. 24 – 25

Sept. 21-22

Oct. 5-6

Nov. 9-10

Dec. 14-15



Jan. 18-19

Feb. 22-23

Mar. 21-22

Apr. 18-19

May 16-17

June 27-28

July 25-26

Aug. 22-23

Sept. 19-20

Oct. 17-18

Nov. 14-15

Dec. 5-6


AUSTRALIA:  Please email Donna Welch at

Contact:  Donna Welch at