U.S.A. SEMINARS 2019/20

Below are a list of seminars in the U.S.A. To book your spot in a seminar, simply click your preferred date, and complete the form. For further information, please email [email protected]. For locations not listed here, please email [email protected].

All Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management and Mental Photography Seminar is held on Saturday and Sunday in the USA.  For additional information please contact Donna Welch at [email protected]

LAKELAND, FLORIDA (ORLANDO AREA) Taught in English. (Spanish only classes are available.)

All Class times: 10AM to 2PM and 6PM to 10PM


July 27 – 28

Aug. 24 – 25

Sept. 21-22

Oct. 5-6

Nov. 9-10

Dec. 14-15



Jan. 18-19

Feb. 22-23

Mar. 21-22

Apr. 18-19

May 16-17

June 27-28

July 25-26

Aug. 22-23

Sept. 19-20

Oct. 17-18

Nov. 14-15

Dec. 5-6


AUSTRALIA:  Please email Donna Welch at [email protected]

Contact:  Donna Welch at [email protected]