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Neuro-Scientists have recently discovered that even though neurons (brain cells) decrease with age, the dendrites (memory storage compartments of each brain cell) can be stimulated to grow more in number. This increases memory capacity. This growth is stimulated by “Whole Brain Learning”, i.e., Albert Einstein played the violin to establish this hemispheric balance. Scientists claim that Whole Brain Learning can be used to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. [Life Magazine; July 1994]

 Mental Photography / Subliminal Photography is a very advanced method of Whole-Brain Learning. Thus, one can assume that the rate of dendritic growth will likewise be accelerated. This also exercises and strengthens neural pathways that may be weak or unused. Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management students often find new accessibility to more memory and latent talents and abilities.


The “Distraction Index” was invented by Albert Einstein as a teenager. Used throughout his life, he was able to concentrate totally upon whatever he was doing for up to 42 minutes.

Research was conducted by Columbia and Florida State Universities.

A person can use this drill to concentrate on any task at hand for an extended length of time.


By Mentally Photographing / Subliminally Photographing such books as the Dictionary and Thesaurus, a person gains a much needed working vocabulary. This includes synonyms, antonyms, spelling, and pronunciation. Also gained is a much deeper understanding of the meaning and application of words. This allows children (age 7 & above) to attend the same course as adults and be tested using the same 11th grade materials.