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                            Train the Functions of Your Brain

Beliefs create our reality. They may be your interpretation of who you are or your interpretation of what others think of your capabilities. Beliefs are manifested in the conscious mind as well as in the subconscious mind. The mind must be free of certain beliefs before insight can occur spontaneously. A quality of this insight is that one sees the “whole” instantaneously, rather than only the “parts”. Brain Management is a very advanced form of Whole Brain Learning and Hemispheric Balancing that super-excites the brain on all levels of consciousness, simultaneously. This balance will guide you in reaching your full potential.

You must first realize “you are what you perceive”. Unless you change your inward consciousness, you cannot change the outward reality. You must see things as a whole and you are a part of that whole. The outside integrally connects to the inside. By just using words (conscious level), without going within, limits the results.

The Brain Management system teaches a person how to program their own subconscious to promote positive changes to their life. This is a simple, quick non-intrusive format for success that can be achieved easily by ourselves. Many people in the world today wish to keep their personal life confidential. Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management gives you the tools to make those changes or address the issues that hold you back.

Changing Paradigms: The Brain Management system recognizes and informs the students that their paradigms will be challenged by what they learn from this training. As part of the training, the students may be exposed to ideas that exist outside of their present belief system. Some they choose to accept, other ideas and ideals they won’t. The objective is for the students to find a greater reality for themselves and venture beyond their limitations to reach new goals. We recommend that they work through their challenges, remove their limitations, and enhance their lives in a positive way.



                 Enhance Your Creativity — Abolish Writer’s Block!

By assimilating any music with Mental Photography and Whole Brain Balancing techniques, a person can fully utilize their musical talents. The information is treated and converted like a language and installed into the subconscious.

Imagine, . . . a solo pianist watched by thousands in the audience, or perhaps millions by television. The  only things that are real to the pianist is herself/himself, the piano, and the flow of music — nothing else in  the world matters; he/she is totally locked in. Emotions well up within the pianist. They too, flow with the music to the audience with such beautiful intensity.

“Welcome to Tomorrow!”