Intution, Awareness & Perception

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Everyone has tremendous abilities they are born with!

Psychic abilities, telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance, are abilities that we are born with, to varying degrees. Why do some people go on to use these abilities in adulthood and most do not?

Think about some of the events that occur around you that you write off as “just coincidence”. Do you ever “know” who is on the phone before you pick it up, or even before it rings? If you are walking down the street and feel that someone is watching or following you, do you act on your gut feeling to get out of there? Do you ever feel the “déjà vu” of “stepping into” a situation or place, yet you have never been there before? These are some examples of intuitive or psychic events that people take for granted as coincidence.

Most children are counseled from early on that they will grow out of having that “imaginary playmate”, or that it’s wrong for them to tell other people what future events are down the road. This is frightening for the adults that have learned how to turn off these natural abilities. We can only wonder how many Edgar Cayce’s have simply been “turned off” by society.

You can exercise and direct the brain to turn on and tune into these natural abilities for your own benefit.

The Brain Management System gives you the tools to open your awareness and perception to the world around you, a world that up until now has not been fully visible. You can actually see the changes take place.

Expert martial artists can sense their complete surroundings – awareness of 360 degrees!

INTUITION is defined as reaching the correct solution without consciously knowing all the facts. Since the subconscious reaches beyond the confines of time, space, and linear conscious processing, it has tremendous abilities to give you the right solution. You only need to learn how to trust it.

By learning to access the subconscious with the Brain Management System, a person can be in control and utilize an infinite amount of information to base their decisions and open doors to a new world of opportunity.

“Welcome to Tomorrow!”