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Q: Is Mental Photography / Subliminal Photography the same as speed-reading?

A: NO. Mental Photography / Subliminal Photography is a different brain function from reading or speed-reading. The mechanics and the pathway of the information through the brain are different.

Q: Who can be successful with the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management system?

A: We are all born with these abilities. You never lose them. We were trained out of using them. Our research shows students ranging from ages 5 to 93 and represent many learning disabilities and I.Q.’s from severely retarded (58) to genius can do this, as long as you believe in yourself.

Q.: What are subliminals?

A.: Subliminals are audible or visual information presented below the level of conscious perception.

Q.: Do you sell Subliminal Tapes?

A.: NO. We do not recommend them. We show you how to do these things for yourself much more effectively. We put you in charge of your own subconscious.

Our investigations show that there are 4 basic types of messages on Subliminal Tapes and Videos:

1. Good message – covers most people

2. Good message — only for a few people

3. Placebo — no message

4. Harmful message — destructive

You must have highly technical equipment to decipher what the real message is — recommendations are don’t bother buying them.


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